Saturday, March 29, 2008

99 Years of Futility

ESPN has chronicled the last 99 years of the Cubs and why they could not win. It is way too depressing for me to read, so some one please send me the cliff notes.

[f.y.i. CUBS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111!!!!!!!!! rofl!!1111!!!!!! lmao!!!!1111!!!!! is not accetable]

Oh, and for the two (one?) person that still checks this blog, I highly, highly recommend the Tucker Max, "Hey. I am making movie" blog. It is fantastic.


nicolle said...

CUBS SUCK!!!!111!!1!!!ELEVENTYONE!!1!!!11!


lawschoolrules said...

In a few short hours I will be in front of my television, drinking a [several] beer, eating dogs, and watching the Cubs dominate. 162-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Throughout March and April, my optimism knows no bounds.