Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Coolest Thing You Will See All Day

Has not been posted yet. But keep checking this Link to see when Mute Math's performance on Kimmel from tonight is added.

Once it is added, I will post it in here, you know when I get up.

Update: Here it is.

Update #2: A better looking version of the video, plus . . .

Watch it in reverse, I mean go forward, I mean, whatever, watch it. Now.

And, if you were curious, this is just like the video for the song. Pretty much the same type of thing OK Go did with the treadmill video and the performance at the VMAs (or whatever award show it was). It still kicks ass though. And Mute Math rocks, buy their album, go see them live, and credit me.

Yeah, you are right, this song was on American Idol:

Does not lessen its rockability though

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