Sunday, September 16, 2007

Law School Picks

In a new weekly column, I help you figure out what to place money on this week. Oh, and I am blatantly ripping off this idea from With Leather

CRIMINAL LAW over Torts--Would you rather be a prosecutor with an outside shot at being governor or an ambulance chaser? Would you rather be a public defender who can get his loans forgiven or a guy who sues the Johnsons because they did not put a fence around their pool? It really comes down to the power to take away a man's freedom or the mere ability to bankrupt someone. Power wins. Everytime.

Bottles over CANS--Cans are just so . . ., I mean, it is the drunkness vehicle of the proletariat. We are better than that. This will make more sense with the next pick.

Drinking over STUDYING--You just got your student loan check. It is only a couple of weeks into the semester. There will be plenty of time to study in two months when you are broke. Go live it up. You earned it.

Morning Classes over AFTERNOON CLASSES--In the upset of the week, Morning Classes take it to the Afternoon classes. If you are going to be doing all this drinking, better to be out of class by noon. Then you can study until four, and drink until 11. Plus, being hungover in class makes you smarter. It is a fact.

CALL BACK INTERVIEW over On Campus Interview--Seriously, this is like the Bengals playing the Browns, a no-brainer. Wait, what? Still, the call back may mean talking with 400% more people, but at least you are on the radar. OCIs are the most nerve wracking thing in law school. With the Call Back, you do not have to feign confidence, you are actually confident. But don't be cocky you dick.

This Prank over ALL OTHER PRANKS--"Its Gold Jerry. Gold!"

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nicolle said...

i totally agree with crim over torts...those are my two favourite things in the law, although crim beats torts any day. but...since i have a ton of UG loans that can't be forgiven if i'm a PD, torts are going to pay them off...and then i'll go be a PD. :D