Saturday, November 24, 2007

Illinois Bar

Over the last couple of days, I finally decided that I am going to take the IL bar exam. It is a good plan, take out the 15 grand bar loan, live in DeKalb, which is about 45 minutes from my parents house, save over half that money, because it is a farm town with nothing in it other than one of my favorite bars (Otto's), and attend BarBri classes at NIU.

I have never been worried about passing the bar; I know that I am going to spend two months doing nothing but studying, becoming paranoid, and freaking out on a daily basis. But at the end of the day, I am confident that I will pass.

No, my concern has always been with the character and fitness portion. However, I never expected it to be with getting the requisite references for the character and fitness portion. I examined the IL bar app. last night, and apparently, one needs two undergrad professors as references.

This, to say the least, is going to be a huge problem for me. Huge in the way that I am rethinking the idea of taking the IL bar.* In four years of undergrad, the only time I ever talked to a professor was when he or she called on me. Much like my law school career, I never visited office hours, never engaged a professor outside of class, and never even joined a club (whether or not there was a faculty advisor).

I think that the reference is only for an objective inquiry into ones intelligence, an inquiry which is probably not generally necessary, but given my, ahem, colorful past, I think that the character reviewers may be interested in more information.

I am at a loss as to what to do. Not many people from my school are taking the IL bar, and those that are are nerds, so they know people. If anyone out there has any thoughts on how to jump this hurdle, I would appreciate it. Additionally, what the hell is a non-traditional law student supposed to do, the one who is 40 years old and all his professors from undergrad are probably dead. This fucking requirement has thrown me for a fucking loop.

My plan, for lack of anything better, is to start sending out letters to the four professors that I actually remember having, and hope that they take pity on me, and not necessarily remember that I was the kid who got an A in their class six years ago while looking incredibly bored. I hope that I have a good chance, assuming I can butter the Prof. up. My top choices are my business law prof. (you are the reason I went to law school!), and an accounting prof. (I am going to do Tax!), and convince them that all of my career decisions were all thanks to them and had nothing to do with the opportunities that actually presented themselves.

God this fucking sucks. I also need six references. If I knew six people, I would probably have a better job and not be a fucking tax lawyer.

*MD, for instance, requires five references, none of whom are married to each other (killer for me, my best friends from college married each other), that you have known for five years (another killer, most people who have known me for four years choose not to know me anymore).


nicolle said...

ugh, i don't know what i'm going to do about that requirement as well. i have to figure that out soon. i have no choice...i'm all set to work in chicago next fall, and i know i won't be happy living in any other city but chicago. i must take the illinois bar. but, i was the most professor-phobic undergraduate ever, and it was hard enough getting the nerve to get one professor to write me a law school recommendation. that was less than a year after graduation. it has been over three years since i graduated college...i doubt anyone from the U of C remembers me.

good luck figuring out what you're going to do in the situation...we're in the same boat here.

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog as of late. I just submitted my apps for NIU/SIU yesterday.

I am that non-trad who you speak of. Wow, two undergrad profs? When I graduate law school it'll be 21 years after I got my undergrad. Of those who are alive and still there, I can't imagine any of my profs even remembering me. At least not the ones I want to approach.

I have taken a whole lot of other college courses since then, so hopefully those would be applicable. Some of them actually even like me.

I think I'll be wise this time around and visit profs a few times to work em up for references later on.