Thursday, June 01, 2006

Random Thoughts & Questions

  • I passed all my classes, so it looks like I will be around for another couple of years.
  • Remember when MTV2 came out, and it was billed as a channel that only played music videos?
  • Jimmy Kimmel was funnier on The Man Show.
  • How come a Pitcher has to leave the mound to lick his hand, but can stay on the mound to blow on his hand or run his hands through his hair?
  • Why does a pitcher lick his hand?
  • When Einstein interviewed someone for a job, he would serve them soup, and if the candidate salted the soup before tasting it, there was no way he would get the job.
  • Polish Beer is pretty good, but until I get a job, I am going to stick with the cheap domestic stuff.
  • On that note, I read an article in BusinessWeek about how Miller is positioning its array of beers in different markets. For instance, IceHouse is the beer they want guys to drink before they head out for the night. Are people that easily manipulated, that they see a commercial for IceHouse with a bunch of dudes playing Playstation and they think, "That could be me!" If there isn't a hot chick in the beer commercial, it is not the beer for me.
  • SI had an article where Carson Palmer was quoted as hating the Steelers. The Talking Heads blew it out of proportion. He does not hate the people that are Steelers, just the Steeler team.
  • I will never understand how people can spend a couple hours at a time on Myspace.
  • I overhead my neighbor talking with his wife on Memorial Day. He said, "Memorial Day is for drinking. You start drinking, and then you throw up so you can drink some more." He is a Cop.
  • In college, there was a party at my house, and there was this really annoying kid there who I had never met. But, his girlfriend was hot, and was flirting with everyone there. Therefore, some guys at the party started giving him shit. He got very drunk and upset, and started acting crazy. I was also very drunk, and tried to do what Superman would do, so I intervened and took him outside and tried to calm him down. After ten minutes, I thought I was making progress, then his girl came out, followed by a nice stream of guys. Things quickly snowballed out of control. Somehow, me and the annoying kid ended up on the next block, me still trying to calm him down, when he said, "If she ever leaves me, I will kill myself." I said, "What" and he repeated himself, much more adamant this time. Thinking that there was a good chance she would leave him, I did the only thing my drunken mind thought was a good idea, I popped him one, right in the face. I am not proud of this.
  • He and she left soon after, but he came back the next day to apologize for acting like an ass, and he had a nice shiner around his left eye. Right before he left, as I was sitting there watching TV, he asked, "Who hit me?" I raised my hand. He left.
  • I need to stop posting when I am drunk.
  • I am not drunk right now.
  • Computers should come with a breathalyzer.
  • So should cell phones.
  • Memory is weird thing. I was watching Seinfeld the other day and there was a reference to Kessler, which I got, because I watched some documentary about Seinfeld years ago. However, I cannot remember the name of my first grade teacher.
  • The Hurricanes will beat the Sabres tonight 3-2. It might go into overtime, so you should watch it. It starts at 7:30 Eastern, and is on OLN. If you do not get OLN, and have fast internet, go to They stream the games. Hell, go to that link right now and watch some condensed games (60 Minutes of action in 20 minutes, when it usually takes 2 and half hours! You cannot lose!).
  • I can throw better with my left arm than Jacques Jones can throw with his dominant arm (I am right-handed, and no ambidextria here).
  • My site hasn't shown up on Alexa yet. It probably never will. Thankfully, that was never a goal.
  • I want to play some tennis, but I do not have any balls.
  • Cigarettes don't cause cancer. People smoking cigarettes causes cancer.
  • I worked at a Dairy Queen throughout high school (2.5 years), and I have not eaten anything from there since I quit.
  • I counted it up the other day. I am in my 20's and I have worked 12 different jobs. That seems like a lot, at least to me (and I am probably forgetting a couple, the memory remember) (the shortest tenure at any one job was three weeks, but that was only one of them, all the rest were at least four months) (and I have never been fired).
  • I did not have my first drink until my freshman year of college. It was a Woodchuck Apple Cider or some shit like that. A sophomore with a fake recommended it to me as a good choice for a first drink. It sucked.
  • The first time I got drunk was also freshman year. Vodka and OJ in my friends' dorm room. It was the greatest thing I had ever had in my life. Unfortunately, most of it ended up on the bathroom floor.
  • Pat Foley IS the best play-by-play guy in sports. The Blackhawks have completely discredited themselves by letting him go. I remember, on Opening Day this season, I streamed the 'Hawks broadcast and listened to the whole game (F-ed homework for that night). By the middle of the season, he sounded deflated, once again let down by the organ-I-zation he has supported for 25 years. That is right, he has announced 'Hawk games for 25 years. He did the simulcast (for those that do not know, the 'Hawks only show away games on TV, so his play-by-play could be heard on the TV and the radio). And they just let him go. "Thanks, here is the door. Do not let it hit you on the way out." I have never completely abandoned one of my favorite sports franchises before, but this might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. To say I am infuriated by this development is an understatement. Back in 1997, Bill Simmons, ESPN's The Sports Guy abandoned his beloved Bruins (and hockey altogether) because of the horrible mis-management of the franchise (when the Bruins traded Joe Thornton this year, he did not even write about it [I think the abandonment was in 1997, that seems long ago, but a quick ESPN search did not find the column I wanted, I will edit if/when I find out for sure]). But, it may have come to this. In a couple weeks, I may not be a diehard Hawks fan anymore. I will never give up Hockey, but I may jump franchises. However, that may not be necessary. In Shoeless Joe (the book that Field of Dreams is based on) Ray Kinsella proclaims that he has no favorite franchise or player, he is just a fanatic of the game (baseball in that case). That is pretty much what I have been for the last 8 years, while the 'Hawks have sucked. Maybe I should just love the game, root for the sport, and enjoy the essence of hockey. But, if I do that, will I lose the passion I have for the game?
Well that is an hour in my brain. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Kimberly said...

There is something highly enjoyable about randomness. I completely enjoyed my tour through your brain. Nice to have a slight break from my own.