Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I just did a Google search on "my law review comment sucks" and "my law review article sucks." Amazingly, there were no hits. Thankfully, that should change now. Apparently most law school student egg-heads are not as self-deprecating as me.

"Law review sucks" only brings back 22 hits. I find this interesting. Or maybe it is interesting because of have been working on this fucking article all weekend, and feel like I have done jack shit, other than vomit some poorly cited half truths into a Word document.

And I understand that Rome was not built in a day, and weekend worth of hard work will not a decent law review paper be written (the whole fucking thing is written like that).

Thankfully, it is only the third draft that is due tomorrow. There is still one more to go. Because Christmas Break was made for making up for my semester's worth of slacking.

I am a damn slacker. I am only at 6,000 words (nearly 200 footnotes though, I think I overkilled that a bit). But the reality is, that this sucks. I am almost embarrassed to hand it in to my editor (as soon as I bust out 50 word non-conclusory conclusion).

It comes and goes in waves. One minute I think that this thing could be great, that I want to be published, only to have a minute later the realization that this may be the most horriblest thing ever written (other than that last sentence).

So here goes, the last gasp of a desperate man. Words shall be typed, sentences formed, and out of the ashes a Phoenix of a conclusion shall arise, which will trump the utter shititude of the 24 pages that came before it. And once again, I shall fool the world.

(this is what happens when I do not get enough sleep)

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