Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Ice is Getting Foggy

Ahh, this is my favorite time of the year. Opening Day was a week ago, and the Cubs are still in the pennant race, the NFL draft is a couple weeks away and I am ODing on mock drafts, and quite possibly the best part of this time of year, finals are just around the corner. It is difficult to trump outlining six hours a day (I assume, I haven't started yet).

Oh, and the Stanley Cup playoffs are starting. You should watch. Hockey is fun. Check your local listings for Versus (that is a TV channel, probably at the high end).

And just to get you fired up, here is a kick ass hockey fight from several years ago (blatantly ripped off from WithLeather).

And, to get you even more excited, here are a couple videos of Sidney Crosby, the 19 year old wunderkind.

("Crosby beats Kolzig like he's a rented mule")

More of the same, but with commentary by Sid the Kid

The obligatory "Tribute" Video

Yeah, so maybe I have a little man crush on him. But check out the playoffs, and you will develop one to.

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