Monday, May 01, 2006


In Undergrad, I had one golden rule for studying for finals. Never start studying more than 12 hours before the exam. I followed this rule religiously. As such, I was usually up for at least 24 hours before the exam started. Hey, at that time in my life it was easier to stay up for 30 hours than force myself out of bed out 8.

My Undergrad self would look on Law School me with pity. Not only do I go to every class, but I actually read the book, take notes on the material I read, and take notes in class. To this day I still do not know why I ever bothered buying a book in Undergrad, as I never read them. Things have substantially changed since then. I am convinced that if I put a quarter as much effort into Undergrad than I did in Law School, I would be making $80,000 grand a year, and never have even considered going to Law School. It is amazing what a 4.0 could do.

Oh course, if I studied all the time in Undergrad, I would not have been able to get drunk every night or referee intramural hockey games.

But back to the main point. It is 11:30, and I have an exam tomorrow at 1:30, and I have not studied at all. OK, I got halfway through my outline before Playoff Hockey, the NFL Draft, FOX Sunday Night, and Adult Swim, and Beer distracted me. I have a two liter of Coke sitting in my fridge, and I am seriously contemplating staying awake through the night until my exam tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am uber-tired.

Thankfully, I scheduled my easiest exam for tomorrow. Legislation. My class did not follow the normal Legislation class syllabus, and as such, all I really need to know is 15 canons of construction and the difference between Textualism and Purposivism. It is almost as if I do not need to study at all.

So my conclusion is this. This exam will be easier than an Undergrad exam, so I am going to adopt a more relaxed study for this than I practiced in Undergrad.

Yeah, Fuck It.


Elle Woods said...

Military time, you're a weirdo.

Ohh how I miss undergrad and all it's "responsibilities"...I just did a post on that.

lawschoolrules said...
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Elle Woods said...

I wasn't saying you copied, I just think we all wax a little nostalgic at this time of year.