Sunday, May 21, 2006


I am watching Sportscenter. John Buccigross is on the set. He used to host NHL2Nite. The lead story is Barry Bonds. Fuck Bonds. Bucci is a hockey guy. The second story is Barbaro. That is fine, I think that is more important than Bonds. The third story is Mets/Yankees. This pisses me off. Sure it is the East Coast, but something more important happened in Chi-Town today. Cubs Catchers Michael Barrett punched Sox (not Sawx) Catcher AJ Pierzynski in the the chops. Bucci did this highlight too. What did he say about it?

"He goes Tie Domi on his Ulf Samuelsson."

That is why Bucci is my second favorite columnist on I love that, he is surely pissed that he had to lead with Bonds, then stick with baseball, for the first half-hour before he could get to the Stanley Cup playoffs, yet he was able to throw in a random Hockey reference that only diehards will get.

Thanks Bucci. You the Man. (And Ken the Otter is the Otter.)

[I just listened to Tim Kurkijan go on and on about Bonds. It is amazing what Steroids will do for you. I hate the guy. Bonds that is, it is amazing to see him grow.]

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