Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Goalie Fights

Who needs content, when you can post Goalie Fights!!!

Round 1: Roy v. Vernon:

Round 2: Roy v. Osgood (also a RedWing):

Seriously, watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Especially if you are a Nielson Family. The ratings are abysmal. I cannot guarantee any Goalie Fights, but there is always a chance, and the Sabres are playing the Hurricanes tomorrow night (Wed.), two teams built for the faster NHL.

Come on, just watch. Tonight, there were 8 goals scored in the third period of the Oilers/Ducks game (Oilers, the Eight Seed is up 3-0). So watch some hockey, we all know that Dallas is playing Miami in the NBA Finals, so watch hockey.



lawschoolrules said...
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Kimberly said...

My Dad used to take me to hockey games. The fight was the only part I enjoyed. I'm sure that say something about me as a person, but bah