Sunday, March 19, 2006

Law School Rule #1

Seeing as how I just realized that the name of this blog is a homonym, I figured I should run with it. I now have a gimmick. So what are the Law School Rules?

Law School Rule #1

Never raise your hand if there is less than five minutes left in the class

This is a sure fire way to piss off everyone else in your class. After 45 minutes of drudgery, everyone just wants to get out as soon as possible. No one wants to take notes anymore or hear more of the Prof’s self-righteous bullshit. Therefore, no one should ever raise their hand to ask or answer a question when there is under five minutes to go. The last thing you want to do is give the Prof fodder for a ten minute rant. Any question that you think should be asked is better saved for Office Hours. That’s what they are for. Office hours exist so you can ask your stupid, irrelevant and off-topic questions in a forum that will not get the entire class pissed off at you.

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