Thursday, March 16, 2006

Prof's say the darndest things...

In my relatively short Law School career, I have had some pretty funny Profs. In fact, one even went so far as to include "It's ok to laugh in class" on his syllabus. My school shuns the regular aristocracy in class. I have heard students call out Profs and Profs call out students, though always in a bantering sort of way. It makes for a more relaxed atmosphere, that does not really facilitate learning, but I am paying the world's largest cover, so I take what I can get.

Today, my most serious professor said something that cracked up the entire class. Half of the hilarity probably came from the fact that this guy is not prone to making jokes, but I do not think the professor could resist after grilling a student for fifteen minutes and she dropped a non sequitur.

His Reply: "Well I killed my parents, but I should get a break because I am an orphan."

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