Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh Crap

I used to think the worst phrase in the English language was "Sorry, I have a boyfriend" after talking to a girl in a bar for twenty minutes and two drinks. Or maybe even, "Black Tie Optional" or possibly "It burns when I pee." All that changed this week.

I was researching for my paper due next week at home, and printed out 20 or so cases that seemed relevant on the designated printers in the library (hoo-ray for free printing). I had not really read them yet, but I figured I could just throw them on top of my to do pile. I headed out to the library to pick them up, and upon entering I saw a sign that sent chills down my spine and nearly made me vomit.

"Both Lexis and Westlaw printers are broken. A technician will be in next week to fix them"

How can I be expected to write a paper if I cannot even print out the cases I need? This is some serious emotional distress. I like to procrastinate. The consequences should not be this dire.

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