Friday, March 31, 2006

F for Effort

On the first day of Crim Pro the Prof made it abundantly clear that there was an inordinate amount of material to cover in the class. He said that it was 5 credit course crammed into 3 credits. He gave a basic overview of the course, then dismissed class. That first class lasted about 10 minutes. Even though he had posted a first assignment on the assignment board, we did not cover anything. Even though we had an ungodly amount of material to cover in the class, he wasted 40 minutes.

There are now three weeks left in the semester. We have gone through half of the syllabus. He has canceled four classes, and has no intention of making them up. Today in class, we did not even go through a case. Usually, we cover two cases a class, but there have been several instances where one or none have been covered.

I am not complaining. After all, I have no intention of practicing criminal law, so the only thing I care about is getting a good grade in this class, and the less we cover, the easier it is to cram for the final.

The Prof has taught this class in the past, so he must have some idea of how much can be covered in one semester. I know that most Profs never quite cover everything in their syllabus, but I have never taken a class that fell so grossly short of the goal.

I guess I was just wrong when I thought there weren't any idealistic Profs.

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