Friday, March 24, 2006

Rule #2

You Do Not Talk About Law School

Ok, so I stole this, and modified it a bit. But there is a reason that it is not Rule #1 and #2. It is fine to talk about law school and classes and even the law, but only when with other law students. And you cannot be the one to bring up the subject. If someone else does, let the bitching session begin, but anytime you are outside of the four walls of the building, do not broach the subject.

Any non-law school friends, assuming they did not desert you after finding out you wanted to be a lawyer, do not care about hearing crazy hypotheticals about the Risk/Utility Test. If they ask how school is, just say it sucks and move onto more interesting things like why donuts have a hole in the middle. Of course, there are those friends that want to know how they can get out of their lease or what they should do when a cop pulls them over and they are stinkin' drunk. While I do not condone the unauthorized practice of law, give them the most superficially intelligent answer you can think of. That way, there is no force behind the words, and they will probably forget what you said anyway (throwing in Latin phrases helps).

There is however, one small subset of the population that you can talk about law school with. Your Mom. If you ever feel the need to explain the rationale behind Miranda or what a derivative work is, just call up mom and let the knowledge flow. She just wants to hear her offspring speak intelligently about anything, while she envisions the hundreds of thousands of dollars you will be making, resulting in the nice retirement home you will buy for her in Cardiff By The Sea.

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