Thursday, April 20, 2006

Finals Rule #2

Under Your Breath during an Exam is the Same as a Scream

Don't be the guy that talks to himself during the exam.

This is quite possibly the most annoying thing ever, especially during a closed book exam. Sure you can never tell exactly what he is saying to himself, because he keeps it somewhat under his breath, but you can still hear the "Mmmrrrrmmmm, MMrrrmshavmm, HHHHmmmgickm, mmm, Hmmmm."

The corollary to this is the "Sighing Guy." This is the person who needs to let out a deep breath every two minutes to assure the other test takers that he is still alive. You are cruising along when all of sudden you hear, "UUUHHHHHH--AHHHHHHHH." Thanks fucker, it is nice to know that the light bulb went off for you.

During the exam, just keep your noise level to a minimum at all times. The clacking of the keyboard is fine, if you are one of those that can take exams on a laptop, but other than that, be silent dammit.

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